Sapphire launches new Radeon RX 5600XT Pulse BE dual fan graphics card

Sapphire has just added a short and pithy new member to its AMD graphics card camp. It is Radeon RX 5600 XT Pulse BE with dual fan short PCB design. Judging from its name, it is known as Radeon RX 5600 XT Pulse’s “little brother”. Although the appearance is not as conspicuous as the three…

Mega-Core official publicity domestic discrete graphics card: 28nm process, 70W power consumption

Godson, Feiteng, Shenwei, Zhaoxin, Kunpeng, Haiguang…… Domestic general-purpose CPU processors have blossomed in recent years, covering MIPS, ARM and x86 architectures. Relatively speaking, China’s independent GPU graphics processors are basically blank, to some extent, it is more difficult than CPU. Recently, some models of the all-domestic computer “Tianyi” series, which have been offline in Chongqing…

iPhone users report that Apple Music Has Power consumption problems running in the background

According to foreign media reports, A considerable number of iPhone users reported power consumption problems related to Music applications and high-level background activities to Apple’s support community. According to many users, even without using the application, the batteries of many devices running iOS 13.5.1 are still running out rapidly. Visit: apple online store (China) in…

[Figure] Microsoft launches Project Freta service to find malware in system memory snapshot

Microsoft recently announced a new anti-malware service called “Project Freta. The official description is: “A free service developed by Microsoft Research to detect operating system and sensor damage evidence in Live Linux system memory snapshots, such as rootkits and advanced malware.” visit: microsoft China official mall-home visit: Project Freta is based on cloud computing,…

New Tesla Model S rendering exposure: more radical modeling

Model S is a medium and large pure electric car owned by Tesla, with domestic import prices of 75.69 and 856,900 yuan. The price of up to 750,000 yuan also makes Tesla Model S a real luxury car. A few days ago, foreign media drew a rendering of a new generation of Tesla Model S….