1899 yuan Xiaomi Display 27-inch shelves crowdfunding: 165Hz/1ms support vertical screen wall hanging

As previously disclosed, Xiaomi’s 27-inch display has now been put on the shelves of Xiaomi Mall. It will be officially opened at ten o’clock A.M. on June 17 (Xiaomi Mall App search crowdfunding), with a crowdfunding price of 1899 yuan and a retail price of 2199 yuan. According to reports, Xiaomi’s 27-inch display focuses on e-sports, using IPS wide-angle screen with a resolution of 2560x 1440, supporting 165Hz Ultra-high refresh rate, with a maximum of 1ms IMBC speed response (4ms GTG response time),178 ° visual range, 95% DCI-P3 color gamut, native 8bit color display, 400cd/m2 brightness typical, also supports DisplayHDR 400 high dynamic display enhancement, and TUV low blue light authentication.



in the expansion of usage scenarios, xiaomi the 27-inch display also supports vertical screen and wall hanging. It can also rise and fall, tilt back and forth, rotate left and right, and provide USB 3.0 interface.

In addition, Xiaomi’s 27-inch display is also equipped with a simple and easy-to-use magnetic sucker back cover. The Mounting Interface of the display bracket adopts a snap-in design, and the installation is completed in one step. Only one quick-release button is required for disassembly.

It is reported that Xiaomi’s 27-inch display provides a 3-year warranty for the original machine and supports on-site service by after-sales engineers.

At present, there are three models of Xiaomi monitors on sale, one is 34 inches. Surface the display is only priced at 1999 yuan (priced at 2499 yuan); There are also two models of Xiaomi display 23.8 inches and 699 yuan. Xiaomi display 1A 23.8 inches, 679 yuan.

And Redmi the Redmi display 1A 23.8 was also launched not long ago, and the current price is only 499 yuan, setting a new low in the market.

According to earlier news, Xiaomi’s display department has already released its own rhetoric to expand its product line to more than 20 different models within one year, and each model will be made into an explosion, the global sales target is set at 30 million units.