Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to debut with Note 20 series this fall

There is a long-standing rumor that Samsung plans to turn the Galaxy Note series to the folding screen route at the right time. However, in yesterday’s quarterly earnings report, the company has refuted this idea, meaning that the Galaxy Note 20 series of new products will still be listed this fall. It is said that…

Tesla Shanghai Super factory has begun construction of Model Y production plant

On April 30, according to foreign media reports, the financial report released by Tesla, an electric vehicle manufacturer, shows that their super factory in Shanghai has begun to build a factory building for the production of Model Y, a cross-border Sports multi-purpose electric vehicle. Tesla disclosed in its first-quarter financial report that the Shanghai Super…

[Figure] Xiaomi 10/Redmi K30 Pro Series supports GPU driver independent update

When Qualcomm announced the Xiaolong 865 flagship processor in last December, it was in many “Snapdragon Elite” The most attractive feature of Gaming “is the updatable GPU driver. Normally, GPU driver updates are included in the OTA update sent to the user, which means that the user needs to wait for the OTA update to…