The Lamborghini announced that it would no longer participate in the traditional auto show “civilians” to the new sports car was

Lamborghini is the world’s top sports car manufacturer from Italy. Its high-powered and high-performance sports car attracts people’s attention with its domineering shape. As long as there is a Lamborghini car at the auto show, it will attract onlookers. Recently, this situation will change. According to Forbes Chinese website, Lamborghini said that it would not…

Red flag H9 declaration information exposure equipped with 2.5T engine?

H9 Red Flag recently launched a medium and large car. The new car was jointly built by Chinese designer Ding Yangfeng and former Rolls-Royce design director Giles Taylor. Its aura and appearance are quite online, it was also praised by netizens as “the Chinese version of Rolls-Royce”. A few days ago, we obtained the declaration…

ZTE: 7nm chips have been mass-produced and imported into 5nm

As the two giants of China’s communications industry, ZTE and Huawei have been sanctioned and banned by the United States, especially in the advanced manufacturing technology. Everyone is familiar with Huawei’s progress. How about ZTE? Today, investors asked ZTE questions, hoping to understand the progress of 5nm process chips. ZTE revealed that the company has…