700,000 Porsche pulled out the Volkswagen Parts. Have I been trapped?

If every piece of wood on a ship is replaced one by one until one day all the wood is no longer the original one, is this ship still the original one? Everyone knows that this ship is called Theseus’s ship. If a part of a car is labeled by another family until all parts are not produced by its own company except the car label, is this car still of this brand? Mr. Duan, the owner of Porsche, has a question mark on his head.

The Hefei 988 story broadcast, known as “China’s first story Channel”, tried to help Mr. Duan to voice his story. The “story” is like this: In 2016, Mr. Duan spent more than 700,000 yuan (63 million yuan for naked cars) and bought an imported Porsche Macan. In the past four years, this Porsche was found to have liquid seepage in the engine water pump during the inspection. Mr. Duan drove the car for maintenance and found the water pump parts after removing the parts, audi’s four-ring logo and Volkswagen’s “VW” logo are clearly printed.

Mr. Duan was so angry that he agreed to buy a Porsche or a German original import. There was no joint venture in the middle. How could it be mixed into the parts of Volkswagen Audi. “I can’t understand, I really can’t understand.” What’s more, Mr. Duan felt that the Porsche bought at such a large price was normally open, and there was a problem before the insurance was guaranteed for one year (the warranty period was three years).

“Is the shell Porsche, if (parts) are Audi, I will spend 400,000 yuan to buy an Audi.”

“This problem will not occur if 200,000 cars have been driven for more than three years.”

the words are still in the ear.

However, this time, “the first Chinese story” successfully turned the story into an accident. As soon as the video “Porsche’s Audi” was released, it became a common satire for the whole automobile industry and the circle of fans, and the B and C sides laughed at the group together. Because of the problem of Porsche using Volkswagen parts, for those who know a little about cars, it is really normal enough to be normal. Even on the Internet, this is not only played by netizens, but also has been a long-standing abuse. It is really surprising that Mr. Duan, who has been a Porsche owner for four years, acts as if he knows nothing about it.

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mr. Duan said to the camera that “they (Volkswagen and Porsche) belong to the same family”; But after all, they are innocent third parties, no one wants to stand in line to cause trouble for himself, so he quickly turned around, “but I…… I haven’t studied this thing.” The first half of the sentence is that people are not surprised by this kind of thing. The second half is the inner OS: it has nothing to do with me. Don’t ask me that I don’t know anything.

When Mr. Duan came to the Porsche 4S store and faced the camera, the Porsche staff patiently explained: “Let me give you an example, mobile phone the modules in the computer are not your own, but are supplied by many parts suppliers…… What’s more, Volkswagen and Porsche are a family and are internally supplied.”

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this is indeed the case. Sharing parts among brands under the same group is an industry practice that has already taken shape for decades. Let alone a single component, from sharing a subsystem to sharing a whole vehicle platform, and even to the whole car except the car logo (the shell is the same), these are common things and are really not new. Volkswagen Group has many brands, ranging from Skoda to Bentley Bugatti, and some parts with Volkswagen logo can be removed.

Don’t say that Porsche uses Audi parts. When Aston Martin and Volvo belonged to the Ford group, if you bought a Aston Martin for millions of dollars and peeled off the car keys, maybe you will find a Volvo car logo. Now Aston Martin has a cooperative relationship with Mercedes-Benz. If you spend millions more to buy an Aston Martin, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that the car machine system and buttons are all Mercedes-Benz.

In Mr. Duan’s view, Porsche should not use Audi Volkswagen for any part. However, his Macan, even the 2.0T engine in the cabin, is the famous EA888 of Volkswagen Group as a whole. Almost all brands of Volkswagen Group range from Skoda SIAT to Audi Porsche, it’s all in use. In his car, Volkswagen’s parts are far more than a pump.

If you study carefully again, learn about the so-called platform strategy: Porsche Macan comes from the modular platform of Volkswagen MLB vertical engine, which is the same as many models of Audi and Volkswagen, the relationship between Macan and Audi Q5 (the previous generation, not the current Q5L) is quite close. In fact, you can tell Mr. Duan frankly that his Macan has more parts printed with the Volkswagen Audi logo than the Porsche logo.

Further, let alone spare parts, the model of a certain brand you bought may not even come from the brand factory. For example, Magna Steyr, a famous European foundry, is also an OEM for Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Jaguar, MINI and other major brands. Mercedes-Benz G-class off-road vehicle, BMW 5-series hybrid, Toyota Supra…… You may never think that these models are produced in the same third-party factory and then shipped to the dealers of each brand.

(The birthplace of Mercedes-Benz G-Class is not Mercedes-Benz factory)

so, really as Mr. Duan said, “then I might as well spend 400,000 to buy an Audi? Whether it is sharing a certain part or sharing the whole vehicle platform, it does not mean that the two different brand models are exactly the same in all aspects. Because a considerable part of the parts are shared, is 600,000 Porsche Macan not as good as 400,000 to buy an Audi Q5? If the world were so simple, that would be great.

A mature car brand, deciding which supplier to use on a certain part is only the beginning of the research and development process. The quality, performance and orientation of parts do determine their performance on the whole vehicle to some extent, but this is not absolute. Just like a chef cooking, the quality of the ingredients can be improved to the quality of the dishes, but a good cook can use the same ingredients to make better dishes. Placed on the top of the car, the same parts, different installation and adjustment, different pursuit orientation, can show the effect can be ever-changing.

In addition to literacy, it should be explained that after reading this farce-like story, although I defined it as “a farce caused by ignorance”, I did not have any mockery of Mr. Duan. Mr. Duan himself is not a car fan. As a car owner, you have no reason to ask him to be familiar with the automobile industry like a car enthusiast. The only thing I don’t quite understand is why I can’t know anything about my car that I have spent a lot of money on for nearly four years? Even if Mr. Duan is not a car fan, this car is an important family asset at least. Is it so careless.

As for the quality of the water pump, like Mr. Duan, there should be more than a few consumers who still know “the more expensive the car, the better the quality will be. But in fact, the quality of the car, the frequency of failure, and the price of the car is not directly linked. The more expensive the car is, the more reliable it will be in theory, but it is only in theory. Cars are more expensive but worse. They have never been new since ancient times. There is no regulation, the more expensive the car, the less likely it is to go wrong. This is a question of obeying the laws of the market, not obeying the laws and regulations. As for quality defects, they are not the same as normal faults. Defects need to be supervised by laws and regulations, but faults are not, because there is nothing to ensure that they will never go wrong.

Because the car itself is highly complex and has a large number of parts, it is very normal to have some minor problems. In the search engine to search for “any model name common fault”, you will find that almost no car has any common fault. The number and severity of a car’s faults will affect its market reputation and value preservation rate. Car companies will set different warranty periods for the whole car and its main components, carry out maintenance and repair in official channels, and the corresponding components will also have a separately calculated warranty period. After the insurance is issued, the quality is not guaranteed, which is also a commercial social practice.

In the final analysis, this farce-like misunderstanding can only explain that our car market is far from mature. Like Mr. Duan, he has gone through the whole process from purchase to use. As a car owner, he still knows little about his car and his superstition about the better quality of expensive brands, they are not examples but common phenomena.

Consumers are unable or unwilling to take the initiative to obtain clear, correct and self-understood consumption information; Information that should be common sense of car purchase has not been communicated to every potential car owner. The normal market situation and the “washing” of the manufacturer’s abnormal behavior are mixed together. As a result, many people who are not familiar with cars can no longer tell which ones are normal and which ones are trapped.