After the withdrawal, transfer, and cloud Film Festival, the movie will return to the cinema.

This time, the cinema is really going back to work. On May 7, the State Council issued the Guiding Opinions of the joint prevention and control mechanism for the epidemic situation of pneumonia infected by new coronavirus on doing a good job in the normalization prevention and control of the epidemic situation of new Crown pneumonia (hereinafter referred to as the “guiding opinions”), which pointed out that, in accordance with the relevant technical guidelines, on the premise of implementing prevention and control measures, open closed entertainment and leisure places such as theaters and recreation halls by means of reservation and flow restriction.

As soon as the news came out, the film industry was excited. Some practitioners said on the social platform: “tears are falling.” Indeed, the waiting of more than 100 days is too long for the film, the cinema, the cinema, the audience and the film itself. One after another, the controversial network transfer, or the extension or transfer to the cloud Film Festival, the 12-minute online announcement of the golden awards…… Under the epidemic situation, while facing the dilemma of offline shutdown, the film industry is also experiencing the impact and change brought by streaming media. When the movie can return to the cinema, at least it is the beginning of recovery.

Resume work soon: open the door and wait a few more days

“The day before, I just knew that I could return to work. The next morning, I saw a message in the WeChat group of the mall to open the door as soon as possible. The person in charge of the property is also urging.” A cinema staff member said.

She told Sina Science and Technology that although it already had guidance from the State Council, it still followed the document notice issued by the State Film Bureau and local governments. “The mall is also considering the overall business situation. I hope that the cinema can attract passenger flow for them after the operation, but this is not immediately open, but wait.”

in fact, the cinema has the conditions to resume work, which does not mean that it can resume work directly. It should be carried out under the instructions and coordination of the relevant competent authorities. The copy of the cinema source also takes time. “These days, you can make a plan first and then prepare for recruitment.” The aforementioned cinema staff said that during the shutdown of the cinema, there were only four employees left in her cinema, and the resumption of work was imminent and needed to be supplemented.

However, for the audience who bid farewell to the big screen for many days, there is both excitement and worry. The excitement is that I finally found the lost Entertainment mode, and I was able to embrace the long-awaited film. What I am worried about is that in the closed viewing environment, the epidemic prevention conditions can be truly guaranteed.

Running out of schedule: listed companies expand losses

the closure of cinemas has dealt a huge blow to the film industry.

Starting from the withdrawal of all the spring festival movies, each schedule has run out one after another, and the National Film and Television bases have been temporarily opened. From production to consumption, the gear operation has all pressed the pause button. For practitioners, the failure to show movies means the cut-off of income sources, and it is difficult to make up for it by other means.

In middle March, there was a short resumption of work in cinemas. According to historical data of lighthouse Professional Edition, in March 16-22, there were more than 500 cinemas in the country, with a resumption rate of 4.8%, but only 3810 people watched in the week, the box office is 118,000 yuan.

However, cinemas are already facing a situation where the growth rate of new screens is much higher than that of movie viewers and box office. Supply exceeds demand and the risk of loss is high. The cancellation amount of cinema enterprises has increased year by year since 2012. Eye check data show that cinema enterprises registered the highest number of cancellations in 2019, reaching more than 18,000.

More intuitively, the performance of some film and television companies, Wanda Film lost 0.6 billion yuan in first quarter of 2020, with a net profit of 0.401 billion yuan in the same period last year. Jinyi Film and Television lost 0.153 billion yuan, with a net profit of 32.3103 million yuan in the same period last year, hengdian Film and Television lost 0.138 billion yuan, with a net profit of 0.159 billion yuan in the same period last year. Taking Wanda Pictures as an example, the closure of cinemas has a significant impact on cinemas, and related film and television sub-projects have also been affected.

Streaming media entry: webcast New Film+ online Film Festival

during this period, the film side began to seek the premiere of The Movie Network, and “Ma”, “Feilong crossing the River” and “big winner” were transferred to the Internet one after another, and the free and paid advanced screening modes were parallel. However, it remains to be seen whether this is a coping style in a special period or a new trend that will continue to be feasible in the future. Yin Hong, the professor of School of Journalism and Communication of Tsinghua University and the director of Film and Television Communication Research Center, said when talking about the network premiere of “Mama” that the current model will not be normal, however, new communication technologies and capabilities will inevitably have an increasing impact on cinemas, and services and experiences must be upgraded.

Several film festivals at home and abroad were also forced to postpone. Under such circumstances, the Spring Online Film Festival of Beijing International Film Festival, which has been held in previous years, has received more attention-this is still a kind of online. Co-organizer Song Jia, general manager of aiqiyi film center, revealed to Sina Science and technology that the official launch of the event was around March 20.

Sina Science and Technology watched the opening film “marriage story”, in which many users asked if they could only mobile phone how to cast the screen. Song Jia explained that for the sake of copyright protection, the three limited-release films of “Marriage Story”, “108” and “Spring tide” only support mobile phone viewing, while the remaining 29 films can be viewed at multiple terminals. Of course, this will inevitably affect the viewing experience.

Besides, the off-line viewing of the film festival has already become a reserved program with feelings and significance. Will the online viewing destroy its sense of ritual? In other words, does streaming media and the Internet represent a power to destroy the movie itself? Song Jia believes that the Internet and the film industry are mutually integrated and win-win cooperation. “In the development process of China’s film industry, the Internet, as a basic tool, reduces the asymmetry of information, facilitates the audience, and continuously promotes the development and progress of all links in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, brought incremental.” He said.

However, for many audiences, the most suitable scene for the movie is still the cinema. “I look forward to the day when I walk into the cinema again.” After the aforementioned guidance was released, one user wrote on the social platform.