An Yixuan is pregnant with McDonald’s take-out is scalded: McDonald’s official response

Today, An Yixuan, an actor with a second child, said in a microblog post that he had been scalded half a month ago and the scar left by the scald on the inner thigh was still difficult to disappear. An Yixuan wrote on his microblog: “That day, I asked my family to help me buy McDonald’s and come back to satisfy my hunger. It took me less than ten minutes from the time I picked up the meal to the time I delivered it to me. I took out the meal one by one and took out two cups of hot milk tea, unexpectedly, the two cups fell out from the bottom of the paper bag and fell over on me. I was not able to move because I was pregnant, and I was afraid that the ground would fall, so I did not dare to jump, the high-temperature hot drink brewed with 100-degree boiling water dispersed on my hands, legs and stomach.”

she said that fortunately she was at home and could immediately rush to the bathroom to pour cold water. Fortunately, the bag in the belly caused uterine contraction and abnormal fetal movement because of his shock. It was not a big deal after he rushed to the hospital for examination.

At the end of Weibo, she appealed to McDonald’s: “I appreciate your environmental awareness of stopping plastic straws. As an international fast food brand that adults and children love, as a 65-year-old, large catering enterprises all over the world, why do you want to put high-temperature hot drinks into thin paper bags? There is no environmentally friendly cup holder, even a piece of cardboard is not padded under! Excuse me, when can the potential safety hazard of hot drinks be completely eliminated?”

in response, McDonald’s officials responded that because they were not mainland McDonald’s products, they had already conveyed reminders to the relevant markets to prevent such incidents from happening again. We will take it as a warning and strictly implement safety service standards as always. Thank you again for your reminder and supervision.

The following is the full text of McDonald’s official micro-response:

hello, we are very sorry for your experience and sincerely hope that you have recovered. Since it is not a McDonald’s product in the mainland, we have conveyed a reminder to the relevant market to prevent such incidents from happening again. In mainland China, we have relevant operating standards to prevent beverages from overturning, such as adding plastic bags to take-out beverages. We will take it as a warning and, as always, strictly implement safety service standards. Thank you again for your reminder and supervision.