Apple ultra-wideband chip can be used for safe and fast short-range network construction

The underutilized U1 Ultra broadband chip in the iPhone 11 family will eventually become a personal network center for connecting personal devices. When Apple added Ultra broadband to iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, it was obviously a start. Ultra Wideband can realize accurate positioning of equipment, while Apple only said it was used to help AirDrop function at that time.


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those iPhone the U1 chip in is used to change the order of other devices. When you start to AirDrop the file to another iPhone, the order of other devices appears. If other iPhones also have a U1 chip, then your iPhone will put them at the top of your list for quick access.

However, as AppleInsider pointed out at the time, the potential of Ultra broadband is far more than reordering lists. Now, a new patent application from Apple shows what the company seems to be ultimately aiming. U.S. Patent Application No. 20200150261, Apple’s patent entitled “Secure multicast/broadcast expansion,” describes its so-called “low-rate WPAN” or use of wireless personal area networks. These types of networks are often referred to as ultra-wideband (UWB) networks. UWB networks can Connect Wireless electronic devices in various arrangements. In one example, a UWB network may include a primary device and one or more secondary devices. “

the patent says that these devices can be any type of electronic device, including mobile phones, tablets, smart mobile phone mobile phones, embedded devices, wearable devices. It also specifies various cellular devices and other types of Internet of Things (IoT) connected items. The patent application is a variety of ways for these devices to communicate with each other. In UWB networks, these devices must all be very close, just like Bluetooth, they need to be within a few yards or meters, but they must also be able to communicate reliably.

Apple’s method is to make a master device, perhaps the user’s MacBook pro, control all other equipment around. The purpose of WPAN is to make these small devices actually like connecting with a wire, so Apple needs to quickly establish a secure connection. When the device is brought close enough, the UWB network will be formed, and when the device is taken further, the UWB network will drop seamlessly. Apple’s patent talks about testing equipment and responds to it.

It details the backup location, or what the system should do if the connection fails. Every device in the UWB network is part of the UWB network, and every device knows its relationship with the user, and every other item on the network. Therefore, one step towards your HomePod is enough to ensure that it is a device that listens to you. Similarly, if there is a device that can detect that you walk up to it, then the device can tell all other devices to reconfigure to your liking.

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