Archaeologists may have discovered William Wallace’s secret fortress

The Hollywood movie “Brave Heart” in 1995 made William Wallace, a Scottish knight who rebelled against the rule of England, a household name. Wallace’s uprising began in May 1297. He was in
Defeated the English army in the bridge battle and won a big victory.



Wallace is famous for making good use of the terrain. It is said that he once launched at least one raid in a secret fortress in dunveris County, Scotland. Now, archaeologists
Matt Ritchie published in the Journal Now Forestry Journal thesis claim May found Wallace’s secret fortress.

Ritchie once cooperated with Skyscape Survey to use unmanned aerial vehicles to perform aerial Survey and use software to form a 3D terrain model. Ritchie
They said that the terrain of the dunveris County fortress site they obtained was very matched with the description in the historical records. Ritchie thinks it is the real Wallace fortress, saying that at least it adds a new chapter to the old story.