At least 7 Amazon employees died in the new crown, or much higher than the real death toll

Amazon recently confirmed that a warehouse worker in Indianapolis, Indiana, died of the new Crown virus. The death incident brought the number of Amazon warehouse workers killed by the new Crown virus to seven. Of course, this is currently known figures, the exact number of deaths is difficult to determine.

According to the report, several workers in the factory initially learned of the death news through rumors. They said that the company’s management issued a death notice after the confrontation with employees. One of the workers said: “If people hadn’t asked, they (Amazon) wouldn’t have said anything.”

amazon has refused to release news about how many warehouse workers have been infected or died of the new Crown virus. Last Sunday, Dave Clark, Amazon’s senior vice president of global operations, said in an interview that infection statistics were “not a particularly useful number”.

On Tuesday, the attorneys general of 13 US states sent a letter to Amazon asking it to announce how many warehouse workers were infected or died of the new Crown virus.

An Amazon spokesperson said that the company learned about the death of Indiana employees on April 30 and immediately notified all employees in the building. Later, Amazon said in a statement: “We are saddened by the loss of a colleague in Indianapolis. We miss his family and relatives, and we will continue to support his colleagues in the days to come.”

in March this year, Amazon employees accused the company of not notifying employees after they were diagnosed with the virus. Therefore, workers can only make their own statistics to determine the epidemic of the virus in their warehouse. At the Indianapolis warehouse, workers expect the death toll to be about 12.

Jana Jumpp, an Amazon warehouse worker in Indiana, has been collecting relevant data. She said that at least 800 Amazon warehouse workers were diagnosed with the new Crown virus.