China’s first “8K full process” production TV series is about to be completed

“State Administration of Radio and Television” WeChat public number July 8 News, China’s first full use of 8K Ultra High Definition TV technology to shoot the production of the TV series “Shanghai for two” is about to be finished. The play is sponsored by the owner of Shangshi film, a subsidiary of Oriental Pearl New Media Co., Ltd. And adopts
The whole process of “8K whole process” production, from shooting period, pre-production/post-production period, synthesis period to film output, is completed by using the post-production platform supported by 8K equipment and rendering factory, this is the first time in China.

The 8K resolution is set to 7680*4320, with a total of 33 million pixels, and the displayed image quality pixels are 4K the resolution is 4 times as much as that of the current mainstream 1080p resolution. The ultra-high definition of the film and television drama under the whole process of 8K exploration makes the portrait in the picture show extraordinary delicacy and color restoration, making the texture of the plot Image enduring.

“Shanghai for two” shot by all 8K is about to be finished

realism theme urban emotion television the play “Shanghai for two” is adapted from the best-selling novel of the same name published in 2010. On the basis of the original novel, the TV series “Shanghai for two” has been upgraded according to the current realistic environment, extending the background of the original work for nearly ten years, it tells the story of Wen Jia, the child of the educated youth returning to Shanghai, and the “Shanghai Drift” represented by Dongyang, a young man from northeast China who is looking for a job in Shanghai. From meeting to knowing each other, from the “SARS period” in 2003 to the outbreak of new Crown pneumonia in 2020, we witnessed the urban changes in Shanghai with the common growth and struggle in 17 years and continuously improved our own value, the story of realizing one’s dream. “Shanghai for two” has distinct significance of the times and positive energy, and delicately interprets ordinary happiness and the power of struggle.