“Command and Conquer: Red Alert” Stalin’s actor died at the age of 86

Today (April 29), according to foreign media PCGamer, Gene Dynarski, Stalin’s actor in Command and Conquer: Red Alert, died in a rehabilitation center on February this year due to a recurrence of heart disease, at the age of 86.

Gene danaski has participated in movies such as Star Trek, Seinfeld, and generals, and his role as Joseph Stalin in Command and Conquer: Red Alert impressed many players, he also played Stalin in Master Class in 1987.

Gene denasky

recently, some players found that there are many “red alert” scenes in EA’s video. I don’t know if I can see Stalin’s appearance in the red alert reset version.

Coincidentally, Dimitri Diatchenko, an actor who appeared in the Soviet Union battle of “Red Alert 3”, also died on April 21. The cause of death was also a heart attack.

Dimitri Diachenko