“Command and Conquer” topped the Steam hot list for sale in 10 minutes

“Command and Conquer: Remaking the plate” is now officially on sale on Steam and has received “special praise” from players. This work also created a record of 10 minutes of online sales, and reached the top of the global hot sales list. According to SteamDB data, this work currently has a maximum online number of more than 40,000 people, and the current online number is 24,000.


Steam Global Hot List games, a large number of EA games shortlisted:

1. Command and Conquer: Remaking the plate

2. Sea of Thieves

3. Jedi survival

4. Need for Speed 21: Heat

5. Biochemical crisis 3: Remaking

6. Edge of the Mirror: Catalyst

7. Dragon Age: trial

8. Island crisis 3

9. Deep Rock Galaxy

10. Terraria

player evaluation on Steam: