Fat House Happy Water launches font: “Coca Cola cares about body 」

Recently, Coca-Cola China and the Chinese character culture promotion agency haogin jointly launched a man font with the Founder Font Library, called “Coca-Cola cares about the body”. It is reported that this set of fonts was inspired by the old trademark fonts in Early China.

As a brand-new brand customized font, “caring for the body” starts from the feelings and uses the design method of the instrument image to express the Chinese people’s understanding and interpretation of “caring” through each stroke and painting: harmony, strength, responsibility, calm and enterprising, hoping to provide a human font choice for everyone in the digital age. Use the care body, write the things you care about, and give them to the people you care about.


After more than a year of careful polishing, “Coca-Cola cares about the body” containing 7745 characters (6769 Chinese characters and 976 other characters) has finally appeared.

Founder Font Library has also specially designed and produced the “combined character” in Chinese traditional folk culture and the unique “biang” character in Shaanxi for Coca-Cola’s care body, using the Opentype characteristic of care body, these specially designed characters can be easily invoked. The festive Chinese character “” (belonging to GBK character set) commonly used in Chinese folk is also included.

What do you think of this set of fonts?