Fengchao charging storm follow-up: Express cabinet equipment transaction volume soared 1400% residential area bought at their own expense

Since Fengchao happened in April 30, without the permission of the user, the express delivery was put into Fengchao express cabinet without permission and the fee was deducted, and the community began to resist Fengchao, at present, 114 communities have stopped using the original Fengchao express cabinets in Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou and other cities. And many communities began to buy Express cabinets at their own expense, resulting in a 1400% jump in the turnover of express cabinets in the past week!


As can be seen from the wholesale platform, the price of an express cabinet is about 30,000 yuan, and usually more than ten intelligent express cabinets are placed in a community, it is also a big expense. However, many owners expressed strong support for the purchase of express cabinets at their own expense.

Why is the resistance of owners to Fengchao charges so high? In fact, Fengchao launched a membership system, which will charge 0.5-3 yuan for express delivery that has not been received over time. This seems to be “reasonable” and improves the efficiency of the use of express cabinets. However, due to the two major problems in the implementation of the charging system, users are very dissatisfied.


The first point is that without permission, express delivery and billing are carried out without permission.

The second point is that the time-out time is not reasonable, and Fengchao stipulates that if the express delivery is not taken out for more than 12 hours, it will need to be paid.

Because it charges without permission, this is “overbearing” and Fengchao is completely untenable. And 12 hours is even more outrageous. Many couriers deliver express only at night. This is to let users not sleep for most of the night to get express? Or did you get up early the next morning and take the express to the company? So the 12-hour overtime charge is even more unreasonable. Even the China Consumers Association also stated that it is unreasonable to charge extra fees within a reasonable storage period.

In addition, the Fengchao charging storm is out of control, which is also related to Fengchao’s statement. Fengchao has taken an arrogant and tough stance in treating users’ doubts several times. Fengchao’s CEO said that if consumers do not want to use Fengchao to collect express delivery, then the courier will not send the courier to your hands. This kind of “don’t use it if you don’t want to use it” attitude will further ignite the anger of the public, so there is a case that the industry committee entrusts the residential property to spend a lot of money to buy Express cabinets.


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