[Figure] Mackerelmedia Fish Archaeology: ARG-like text adventure game

Have you used MackerMedia Fish is it? This is by experimental game designer natharie
The piscine rich media plug-in created by Lawhead is in the hacker tool Haxatron
Used in 2000 and other projects. This is the product of the social media has not yet been prevalent, now it looks strange things are normal at that time, visit a website may need to click on a series of endless mysterious installation screen.

At present, the website is still running on the network., but if the click is wrong, it may be eaten by grue. Natharie Lawhead Is famous for projects such as “Tetrageddon Games” and “Everything Is Going To Be OK”. She gave some explanations To Mackerelmedia Fish on her blog.

In her blog, Mackerelmedia Fish gave some explanations.. She said it was a short and surreal game, which told about Digital Archaeology, sense of loss and the feeling of looking in a place where the former destination slowly collapsed.

Mackerelmedia Fish is not a pure simulation software like the old online game Hypnospace Outlaw, but is based on breakthrough prose and stories that integrate “real” desktop and adventure game conventions. You will play part of the page Tour directory in the game and make friends with a mouse that eats links. Lawhead wrote, “the focus of the game is really to explore a lost short story about digital history. “

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