Foreign oil colorless Chinese gasoline is yellow quality is not good? Sinopec official answer

We often see such videos on the internet. There are “experts” who have two bottles of gasoline in front of them, one colorless and one yellow. And said, china’s gasoline is yellow, because it adds more additives, the quality is not as good as foreign colorless. So, is it true that the foreign moon is relatively round? Sinopec also brought us the answer on its official public number.

According to Sinopec, the colorless gasoline taken by these people is not actually the real gasoline sold by foreign countries. But the “gasoline” extracted from the imported car is called “initial oil”.

The new car is called the initial oil. The initial oil is only suitable for new cars that have just left the factory. Because the sales of new cars are uncertain, I don’t know where the new cars will be sold or when they will be sold.

Therefore, it is required that the initial oil loading should have good stability performance, its composition is relatively simple and its economy is poor, which is not suitable for ordinary cars.

At the same time, foreign gasoline is not solid color. Take Germany as an example, the gasoline it sells in the market, it is a light yellow liquid and is not colorless and transparent.

Why does gasoline have different colors?

According to its introduction, on the one hand, because of different oil producing areas, the extracted oil contains different components and its specific gravity, and the color is naturally different. On the other hand, the color difference of oil products with the same label is related to the different processing techniques of refineries.

In the process of refinery processing, adding different additives will also make gasoline show different colors. In the process of refining crude oil, as long as the refining process is slightly different, the separation of crude oil components is different, and the color of refined oil is different.

Moreover, different oil storage depots and different storage time will also affect different colors. The oil will produce different degrees of oxidation with the length of storage time, so that the color of the oil will gradually deepen.

Does the color of gasoline represent the quality of gasoline? The answer is no, the color of gasoline has nothing to do with its quality.

According to Sinopec, whether at home or abroad, gasoline production is generally reconciled by catalytic gasoline, reformed gasoline, alkylated oil, etc. The normal color is pale yellow or yellowish green, and a small part of the gasoline is colorless because there is no catalytic device.

Oil testing and oil standards are established and unified, and the difference in color does not actually explain the quality. At the same time, many countries in the world, including China, do not have the practice and Index of judging the quality of oil products by the color of gasoline.

It is worth mentioning that China, as a major oil consumer, has a leading edge in the oil refining industry. However, China’s gasoline standard is the sixth national standard and is one of the highest standard gasoline in the world. The National six vehicle gasoline and diesel standards have fully reached the current EU vehicle oil standard level, and individual indicators exceed the EU standard.

Therefore, when looking at domestic and foreign oil products, please don’t look at them with colored glasses. Since 1999, China has successively completed the quality upgrade of vehicle gasoline and diesel from unleaded gasoline and diesel to national sixth. In just over ten years, it has promoted five generations of oil products from 2 to 6. Facts have proved that the moon abroad is no more round than that at home.