Google announces merger of all IM teams Javier Soltero for Unified Command

Although not in the roadmap, Google announced a big news today– all instant messaging application teams, including Message / Duo / Android mobile phone applications and Google Meet / Google Chat, will be merged and handed over to Javier Soltero for unified command. Of course, the development of various services is still relatively independent and will not change much in a short period of time.

The original report pointed out that Javier Soltero will be the head of the merged IM Team, which joined Google and led the G Suite Business in October 2019.

He was once in microsoft the acquired Acompli email application start-up worked (now the mobile version of Outlook). Before leaving Microsoft, Javier Soltero also took over Cortana’s business.

A Google representative said in a statement that Javier Soltero would stay in the cloud services department and join the team led by Hiroshi Lockheimer, senior vice president of platforms and ecosystems.

For Google IM users, even if all kinds of apps will not be integrated in the future, we are expected to get a more relaxed and consistent use experience.