Huawei forwarded the picture saying: “We have no way out except victory.”

“There are no scars, where is the skin rough, heroes have suffered more since ancient times” on the 15th, Reuters disclosed that the U.S. government intended to “jam” Huawei, that is, to change an export rule to crack down on Huawei’s chip supply chain. Reuters, Agence France-Presse asked the Chinese Foreign Ministry on this matter, will China take retaliatory measures against the United States?


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on the 16th, the foreign ministry said in a statement, china will resolutely defend the legitimate rights of its own enterprises and urge the US to immediately stop huawei such as the “unreasonable suppression” of Chinese companies.

The Foreign Ministry also said in the statement, the Trump administration’s actions “destroyed global manufacturing, supply chains and value chains”.

According to the export rules that the United States is changing, even if the chip itself is not developed and designed by the United States, as long as foreign companies use U.S. chip manufacturing equipment, they must obtain permission from the U.S. government, to provide chips to Huawei or its affiliates. Huawei continues to obtain certain chips or semiconductor designs related to the use of certain US software or technologies, and also needs to obtain a US license. This means that the United States is trying to cut off Huawei’s chip supply around the world.

After the news was disclosed on the evening of the 15th, Chinese sources told the Global Times. If the US side finally implements the above plan, China will strongly fight back, or involve Qualcomm, Cisco, apple and American enterprises such as Boeing.

Although Huawei has not yet made a formal response to this, on the morning of May 16, Huawei’s public number “voice Community” released a document entitled “There are no scars, where is the skin rough, heroes have suffered more since ancient times” the article and served with a picture.

The article has only two sentences: “Look Back, bumpy”, “look forward, never give up”. The picture is “an Il-2 attack aircraft that was beaten like a sieve in World War II and was full of bullet holes, still insisted on flying and finally returned safely”.

On the afternoon of the 16th, Huawei’s official microblog @ Huawei China also forwarded this picture, writing: “In addition to victory, we have no way to go.”