Huawei sent a letter to employees: the US crackdown on Huawei is long-term and continuous

General dispatch office e-mails

email notification [2020] No. 072 issuer: Guo Ping

A letter to employees


huawei Mall

the U.S. government targeted huawei the purpose of customizing and modifying the “direct product rules” is to further crack down on Huawei’s advancement and curb the company’s development. The actions of the U.S. government violate the most basic principles of justice, which will not only bring great impact to the chip industry, but also undermine the trust foundation of global industrial cooperation.

The introduction of this rule is not unexpected. The US crackdown on Huawei is long-term and sustained, and we will also seek survival and development under adversity for a long time.

The company is currently conducting a comprehensive evaluation of this incident, and it is expected that our business will inevitably be affected to some extent. At this difficult moment, it is even more necessary for all employees to strengthen their confidence, do their job well, continue to struggle, and tide over the difficulties with the company.

We firmly believe that de dao duo zhu, cooperation and win-win cooperation. As long as we adhere to the customer-centric, we will win the trust and support of customers, partners and consumers around the world.

Heroes have suffered many times since ancient times. Rugged, never give up!

May 18, 2020