Illegal collection of renewal deposit radio station presided over the anger of Dongfeng Honda 4S store manager

A few days ago, according to domestic media reports, the owner, Mr. Bian, was charged a “renewal deposit” of 1000 yuan when he bought a car at Dongfeng Honda 4s store in Bozhou, Anhui province. Zhejiang Radio host @ 107 Zhang Xiaobei line sales manager. But the sales staff’s response was quite tough. With the exposure of the program, the 4S store was also rated as “the most arrogant 4S store” by the vast number of netizens “.( video click here to watch)

in the live program, Xiao Bei also connected the owner Mr. Bian and Dongfeng Honda’s official customer service, and the call of the sales staff of Dongfeng Honda 4s store in Bozhou, Anhui province was synchronized to the owner and Dongfeng Honda after-sales customer service personnel.

Finally, through the host Xiaobei’s several well-founded “anger”, Dongfeng Honda 4s store in Bozhou, Anhui province returned the owner’s 1000 yuan renewal deposit.

At present, the radio station hosts the manager of Dongfeng Honda 4S store. This topic has been on the hot search, which has triggered a heated discussion among netizens.

At the same time, in the live program, the conversation between the host Xiaobei and the sales manager of Dongfeng Honda 4s in Bozhou, Anhui province was also “wonderful”.

Host: “Do you think it is reasonable and legal to accept the renewal deposit?”

sales manager Li: “Yes.”

host: “Do you know the new car sales management measures issued by the Ministry of Commerce, article 14th clearly stipulates that no sales enterprise may levy this renewal deposit?”

sales manager Li: “I don’t know.”

host: “Then you know now. This money is to be refunded.”

sales manager Li: “What do you say? Who are you?”

the host Xiao Bei proved that the deposit could not be collected through a well-founded document, but the sales manager of the 4S store could not respond directly to this problem. Then Xiaobei transferred the call to Dongfeng Honda’s after-sales customer service office, public complaints about Dongfeng Honda 4s store in Bozhou, Anhui province.

It is reported that in the “measures for the administration of automobile sales” issued by the Ministry of Commerce on 2017, it was clearly pointed out that suppliers and distributors should not limit the location of consumers’ household registration, no car restrictions on consumers accessories, suppliers of supplies, finance, insurance, rescue and other products and after-sales service providers, however, except for the accessories and services used when the “three guarantees” service and recall of household automobile products are borne by the supplier.

At the same time, dealers must not force consumers to buy insurance when selling cars, or it is mandatory to provide services such as vehicle registration.