Kirin chip completely gets rid of US restrictions? Supply chain believed that it was not impossible to complete

From last May to May this year, the United States revised the rules twice in a row, and tried its best to suppress Huawei even if it used the emergency state law. This year, overseas manufacturers are also required to abide by U.S. policies. Huawei now needs to restructure its supply chain to avoid US restrictions, which is very difficult, but Huawei’s internal staff said it is not impossible.


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on the evening of May 15, the US Department of Commerce’s Industry and Security Bureau (BIS) announced a “plan aimed at protecting US national security” on Friday local time “, as long as it is a direct product that uses the software and technology on the US business control list, it will be restricted.

With the announcement of this policy, TSMC will be restricted even if it uses no more than 25% or less than 10% of U.S. technology, resulting in huawei the chip developed by myself may be cut off.

However, the United States has also given a 120-day buffer for this policy, which is expected to be officially implemented in September, when more detailed approval policies should be released.

From last year to now, Huawei has been actively reshaping its supply chain, excluding US technologies and products, Mate 30 5G mobile phone and MatePad Pro tablets and other products, the proportion of U.S. technology or components is already very low, with a share of 2-5%.

How likely is Huawei to break the shackles of the United States? Everyone knows that this is very difficult. The network broke the news that Huawei has held many meetings to discuss this issue. It is not very optimistic about the result of completely replacing US technology.

However, sources of Huawei’s supply chain management still have not lost confidence, saying “The good news is that we still have time. The redesign of chip architecture and supply chain takes time, but it is by no means an impossible task.”