LG Chemical becomes the world’s largest lithium battery enterprise Ningde era retreats third

According to a report released by South Korea’s SNE Research on May 7, in the first quarter of this year, lithium battery giant LG Chemical’s installed capacity surpassed that of Japan’s Panasonic and China’s Ningde era and became the world’s largest battery manufacturer. SNE Research is a new energy equipment Research and information organization in South Korea, mainly focusing on lithium batteries, electric vehicles, photovoltaic new energy, LCD/LED/OLED new lighting equipment and other fields. According to SNE Research, LG Chemical installed 5.5 GWh in the first quarter of this year, up 2.5 from 120% GWh in the same period last year.

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source: LG Chemical

with the increase in installed capacity, LG Chemical’s global market share rose from 10.7% in the first quarter of last year to 27.1% in the first quarter of this year.

SNE Research believes that, tesla the sales of Model 3, Renault Zoe and Volkswagen electric vehicles have driven the strong growth of LG Chemical battery installed capacity.

In the first quarter of this year, Panasonic’s market share was 25.7%, ranking second. Ningde era ranked third with 17.4% market share, down 6 percentage points from 23.4% in the same period last year.

In the first quarter of last year, Ningde era ranked first in the world with 23.4% market share. Panasonic ranked second in the world with 22.9% market share. BYD’s market share was 15.1%, ranking third. LG Chemical’s market share was 10.7%, ranked fourth.

In the China-Japan-Korea battery Jianghu, South Korean battery manufacturers have gained momentum.

According to SNE Research data, in the first quarter of this year, samsung SDI ranks fourth in the world with 6% market share and SKI ranks seventh in the world with 4.5% market share.

The market share of LG Chemical, Samsung SDI and SKI’s three major South Korean power battery manufacturers totaled 37.5%, up 16.4% age points from 21.1 in the same period last year.

The market share of AESC under China vision Energy Co., Ltd. has increased, from 4.4% in the same period last year to 5.6% in the first quarter of this year, ranking fifth in the world.

BYD (002594.SZ) ranked sixth in the world after AESC with a market share of 4.9%, down 15.1% age points from 10.2 in the same period last year.

On May 8, LG Chemical’s share price fell after opening, with a drop of 0.42% as of the press release at the interface.

According to reports from Reuters, this is related to the chemical gas leakage at a factory plant in Andhra Pradesh in southeastern India.

The factory began leaking chemical gases in the early hours of the 7th. So far, at least 11 people have been killed and hundreds of people are unwell.

Source: Interface news

reporter | Zhou Xiaoyan