Luo Tianyi 900,000 sky-high price super old Luo virtual anchor PK human for the first time

According to the E-Commerce Daily, on May 1, the virtual idol Luo Tianyi will come to Taobao live, open the “bring goods” mode, and PK with the human anchor. According to reports, Luo Tianyi Taobao live broadcast pit fee quoted as high as 90
Ten thousand, the price is almost 10 times that of the current head anchor. According to public information, at present, among the head anchors, Luo Yonghao has the highest quotation, 600,000 in Douyin mixed broadcasting, followed by Li Jiaqi and 32
Wan, Weiya third, quoted 180 thousand.


Luo Tianyi is a virtual singer launched by the China International Animation and Game Expo in July 2012. He is a member of the second dimensional idol group vsinger. The main body is a virtual singer presented by vr, projection and other technical means.


It is understood that Luo Tianyi’s first show with goods will mainly choose some cosmetics that meet her design. In addition, Luo Tianyi will have a small assistant to help her bring the goods. After the news came out, netizens expressed their expectation: “This should be the first PK of the virtual anchor and the human anchor!”


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