Mechanical Revolution high-end light S2 Air and programmer this Code 01 open pre-sale

The mechanical revolution recently launched two cost-effective AMD Ruilong 4000 standard versions, namely, the main light S2 Air and the Code for programmers.
01, scheduled to open pre-sale on May 31 and 29.
S2 Air adopts aluminum-magnesium alloy gold body, weighing only 1.13. Basic configuration, 14 inches 72%
NTSC screen, AMD Ruilong 4600H or 4800H standard pressure full blood processor (54 Watt TDP release). 16GB DDR4-3200 dual channel memory, all standard PCIe x4 SSD, dual fan dual heat pipe, support USB-C two-way charging, with 90W power adapter.


machinery revolution proprietary flagship store

in terms of price, R5 4600H/16G/512G is priced at 3999 Yuan, R7 4800H/16G/512GB is priced at 4699 yuan.

Code 01 upgraded to a 15.6-inch 100% sRGB screen, the same aluminum-magnesium alloy body, 1.47kg weight, standard AX200 Wi-Fi6 network card, 91 WHR battery, R5-4600H/8G/512GB priced at 4299 yuan, r7-4800H/166G/512GB pricing 4999 yuan.