Meituan comments rose more than 7% market value exceeded trillion Hong Kong dollars

On the afternoon of June 16, it was reported that the US delegation’s comments rose to 7.65%, the highest listing price of HK $171.70, and the market value exceeded the trillion Hong Kong dollar mark. As of press time, the US group’s comments rose 7.46% to HK $171.4, with a market value of HK $998.9 billion.

Recently, Macquarie published a research report, which first gave the US delegation a rating of “outperforming the big market” with a target price of HK $210. The bank believes that the logistics network delivered in the last kilometer is the pillar of the growth of catering services and fast-moving consumer goods e-commerce, while the United States tuanche the team is quite active in the last kilometer distribution field.

In addition, its core take-out business income and profit growth continue to improve, and enter the catering supply chain service field for enterprises and consumers, which will also become the driving force for stock prices.


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