Microsoft has released three sets of Windows 10 wallpaper packages in a row, one of which is called “stay at home.”

Microsoft has sent Windows
The Microsoft Store of 10 users has released a new free wallpaper theme pack. Originally, the release of free wallpaper was a regular job done by Microsoft every week, but today the name of this theme pack is very interesting: “stay at home”.
Another group of themes shows how the world that we are abandoning in the way of home is gracefully restored. Yes, as usual, free travel is close to us, but far away.

Stay at home

15 pieces of high quality 4K the picture describes the quiet moments at home.

Download address: activetab=pivot:overviewtab#


the regeneration of nature

these 16 pictures of vehicles and buildings enveloped by the green color of nature describe the scene of changing artificial objects naturally without the participation of human beings.

Download address: activetab=pivot:overviewtab#



amazon landscape

put waterways and forests in the world’s most diverse areas on your desktop.

Download address: activetab=pivot:overviewtab#


after downloading the wallpaper collection, click “Start”>”settings”>”personalization”>”themes” and then click on the theme you like.

To apply and change to the most suitable color, according to the current wallpaper, go to “custom”>”color”>”automatically select a main color from the background”.