Microstar teamed up with Ruilong 3000XT to break three overclocking records: Breaking through 6.1GHz

AMD lifted the ban on Ruilong 3000XT series processors last night, including Ruilong 9 3900XT, Ruilong 7 3800XT and Ruilong 5 3600XT. The overclocking capability of 7nm new products has been further improved. Microstar B550, the X570 motherboard recently teamed up with these three CPUs to break three overclocking records at one time, and the Ruilong 3000 entered the 6.1GHz era.

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the basic specifications of these three CPUs are as follows:

ruilong 5 3600XT:6 core 12 threads, L2 cache 3MB, L3 cache 32MB, reference frequency 3.8GHz, maximum acceleration 4.5GHz (100MHz), thermal design power consumption 95W, the price is 1859 yuan and comes with a ghost radiator.

Ruilong 7 3800XT:8 core 16 threads, L2 cache 4MB, L3 cache 32MB, reference frequency 3.9GHz, maximum acceleration 4.7GHz (200MHz), thermal design power consumption 105W, the price is 3049 yuan, no original radiator.

Ruilong 9 3900XT:12 core 24 threads, L2 cache 6MB, L3 cache 64MB, reference frequency 3.8GHz, maximum acceleration 4.7GHz (100MHz), thermal design power consumption 105W, the price is 3899 yuan, no original radiator.

First of all, let’s look at the overclocking results of Ruilong 5 3600XT, in microstar on the MAG B550M Mortar WiFi motherboard, TSAIK, an overclocking expert, successfully OverClocked it to 6152.07MHz, with an obvious advantage of 115MHz higher than the 6037.26MHz in the second place.

Ruilong 7 3800XT, as an 8-core 16-thread processor, has also successfully overclocked to 6111MHz in TSAIK’s hands. The motherboard used is MPG B550 Gaming Carbon WiFi.

Finally, there is the Ruilong 9 3900XT processor, which is a 12-core 24-thread fever CPU. With the support of the Microstar X570 Tomahawk WiFi motherboard, TSAIK OverClocked it to 6120MHz, also ranked first in the world.

In the past year or so, Microstar’s X570 and other motherboards have broken a series AMD the overclocking record of Platform CPU frequency and memory frequency. Last year, MEG X570 UNIFY motherboard pushed the frequency of Ruilong 9 3900X processor to 5857MHz, and the current record is only 5.9GHz, this is also the first time that a 12-core processor has been overclocked to break the 6GHz mark.