New Tesla Model S rendering exposure: more radical modeling

Model S is a medium and large pure electric car owned by Tesla, with domestic import prices of 75.69 and 856,900 yuan. The price of up to 750,000 yuan also makes Tesla Model S a real luxury car. A few days ago, foreign media drew a rendering of a new generation of Tesla Model S. Since the new car went on sale in 2014, it has been changed once, which will inevitably cause visual fatigue to consumers.

However, according to Tesla’s minimalist design style, the new model does not have much thought in terms of design, and the whole is consistent with the cash model, but the lines on the body are more sharp, the whole car is more aggressive.

In addition, the new car is equipped with a striking red brake caliper. At the same time, the air intake grille on the front face is larger in size and the sports style of the vehicle is more distinctive.

The top is new and the bottom is cash

the power part, the new model and give too much information. Referring to the cash Model S, it can be seen that its maximum power is 577kW, its peak torque has exceeded 800N · m, and the hundred kilometers acceleration is only 2.6 seconds. For long-range models, NEDC has a maximum range of 660 kilometers.

As early as last year, Tesla’s Model S ushered in a change, with its cruising range, adaptive air suspension and charging speed performance improved.

However, Tesla pays more attention to the improvement at the software level and does not pay as much attention to the appearance and hardware configuration of vehicles as traditional car manufacturers do. Moreover, Tesla’s upgrade method mainly relies on pushing OTA to update the vehicle system.

Therefore, on the other hand, Tesla’s monthly OTA upgrade is actually a small upgrade of the vehicle.

At present, Tesla has not disclosed the news that the Model S will be changed, but judging from the rumors that the new Model S may be coming soon.