Nolan’s “Creed” Hong Kong and Taiwan’s fixed poster was released one day before North America

A few days ago, Warner released the poster of Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, China’s two versions of Christopher Nolan’s new film “Creed”. The film will be released in North America one day in advance in Hong Kong and Taiwan on July 30 (the North American schedule is July 31). Nolan is full of confidence in the new work with a budget cost of 0.22 billion US dollars. He said:

“We will integrate several movie types, hoping to bring surprise and freshness. Although we have shot many movies, this movie is the biggest one. We are framing in 7 countries and have a huge crew. There is no doubt that this is our most ambitious movie.”

“Creed” starring John David Washington, Robert Pattinson and Elizabeth debitsky, etc, the story focuses on a group of mysterious international agents who tried to prevent the occurrence of World War III, and during the execution of the mission, the ability to shuttle between time and space, reverse time, etc.