Off-site coupons, arbitrage cash back…… “Wool party” scourge consumer coupons “business”

After receiving the 10 yuan coupon, colluding with the merchant and paying the merchant 30 yuan RMB, the merchant account can receive 40 yuan, and the merchant deducts the 4 yuan benefit fee, return the remaining 36 yuan to the “consumer” to realize the cashing of coupons…… After the epidemic, in order to boost consumption and restore the economy, all localities have issued consumer vouchers, totaling tens of billions of yuan, which has become a real welfare for the people.

At the same time, this welfare was also targeted by the “wool party”. They colluded with the merchants to obtain subsidies, and the financial funds became the “meat of Tang monks”. The original intention of the government to leverage consumption was also discounted.

1 consumer coupon business is booming

in some second-hand sales platforms and QQ groups, there are many words “coupon recycling. Kunming, Zhuhai Hengqin, Foshan Sanshui, Anhui Fuyang and other places have online sales of coupons. Different regions, different face values, the price is also different: “Consumer coupons recycling, 5 fold, only 100 yuan, 200 yuan, 500 yuan of department store coupons” “recycling coupons! If you need to contact me, “” 400 coupons, return 330 “……

The reporter noticed that the coupons just issued by the government appeared on the second-hand trading platform. Some sellers said that a 100 yuan travel coupon was discounted to 70 yuan and a 50 yuan food and beverage coupon was discounted to 35 yuan. Different merchants, different categories, the price is also different.

Many buyers said they needed to add personal WeChat and send screenshots of coupon codes privately for transactions. Some sellers showed other transaction records to the half-month reporter and stressed that the coupons were safe and reliable and guaranteed to be usable. “Are you a Merchant?” A seller’s coupon is a sports coupon with a face value of 50 yuan. According to him, he sold four coupons in the early morning, and most of them were merchants.

According to the requirements, coupons can only be collected locally and used locally. However, a number of technical security experts said that using the common virtual positioning tools on the market, some “wool parties” can bypass regional restrictions and start national business.


Staff are issuing travel vouchers

2 arbitrage cash return is difficult to track down

is it easy to cash in coupons? As law enforcement increases, more and more businesses have become cautious. Half-month talks about reporters trying to “communicate” with some businesses in first-and second-tier cities such as Beijing and Hangzhou on the grounds of cash out, but Tianhong Shopping Mall Xuanwu store, Quanjude peace store, the relevant responsible persons of many small restaurants in Xiacheng district of Hangzhou refused to cash in on the spot. “This is not allowed, otherwise we all have to go in.”

however, there are still merchants who are willing to cooperate with the “benefit fee” for White picking. “Just give the money, and you have no loss. The cooperation of the two parties is the matter of sitting and collecting the money.” Industry insiders said that whether it is six or four or five or five points depends on the attitude of the merchants. “Walking” merchants can score four or six points or seven points.

Half-month discussion reporter survey found that many businesses have learned to evade the platform’s wind control system, Alipay’s money consumption is returned by WeChat, and even some stores have sufficient cash, all the money returned, all are paid in cash, increasing the difficulty of platform tracking. If it is a cross-regional consumption voucher, “yellow cattle” can even achieve national linkage, and some only need a collection code to complete the cashing online.

Some merchants said that before the old customers used the remote scan code to cash in, it has been detected by the system, and currently they can only go to the store to scan the code. The merchant also said that the relevant departments have increased the crackdown on the coupon cashing behavior, so now the code payment needs to be hidden.

3 urgent need to increase illegal costs

in fact, all localities have realized the problem of cashing out consumer coupons and have introduced relevant remedial measures in a timely manner. However, the coupons are still banned.

Pan Helin, executive director of the Digital Economy Research Institute of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, believes that in the actual process of issuing coupons, some people can’t grab one piece, while others use loopholes to grab multiple pieces for cashing. This shows that the design mechanism of consumer coupons needs to be further optimized to achieve standardized and accurate distribution.

Luo Yong, associate professor of law school of Chongqing University and lawyer of Chongqing Baijun law firm, suggested that all localities can use the block chain technology to issue consumer coupons, fully borrow their technical characteristics that are difficult to tamper with, and track the use of each consumer coupon in real time, guarantee the best use of securities.

Chen Yinjiang, the deputy secretary general of the China Law Society consumer protection law Research Association, believes that the essence of returning coupons through false transactions is illegal profit. According to the relevant provisions of China’s criminal law, if the amount of profit for the purpose of illegal possession reaches a certain amount, it may constitute different crimes such as theft, fraud and duty embezzlement according to different circumstances.

At the same time, experts suggest to increase the crackdown on illegal businesses. “Once the merchant data is abnormal, it will be quickly reflected on the relevant platforms.” Pan Helin believes that the cost of preventing the scattered and flowing “wool party” is too high. We should start with the merchants, give full play to the self-discipline mechanism of the merchants, and increase economic punishment to increase their illegal costs, in order to curb the occurrence of chaos.