Magic Leap edge consumer market

On the afternoon of July 8, Beijing time, on April 2020, Magic Leap, a mysterious and ambitious start-up company, announced 50% layoffs and postponed plans to commercialize mixed reality glasses products. The products developed by the company can superimpose virtual images in the real world. At the same time, it also makes many bold and…

Suzhou Nano Institute and National Nano Center have made important progress in ultra-high precision laser lithography technology

The sub -10 nm structure has great application requirements in the technical fields of integrated circuits, photonic chips, micro-nano sensors, photoelectric chips, nano devices and so on (Fig. 1), this poses many new challenges to the efficiency and accuracy of micro-nano machining. Laser Direct writing is a cost-effective lithography technology, which can use continuous or…

Selin cars ran out of 5.9 billion financing “new car” into bankruptcy

New energy vehicles, which have always been given high hopes, wanted to subvert the traditional automobile industry that has been controlled by giants and has remained unchanged for a hundred years with new components such as batteries and technologies such as shoulder-to-shoulder self-driving. However, in just a few years, all kinds of new car-making forces…