[Figure] OPPO Ace 2 Evaluation: not just a game phone

If OPPO Find X2 Pro is an all-round Ultimate Flagship with almost no short board, then OPPO Ace 2 launched after the brand’s independence is a light move optimized for the game segment. In the absence of a curved screen and weakened photos, it is also a very powerful bucket machine for players and professional…

Xiaomi’s ten-year dream MIUI 12 officially unveiled

This afternoon, Xiaomi 10 youth edition 5G New Product & MIUI 12 conference was held online. At the beginning of the press conference, Lei Jun took the lead in reviewing MIUI’s record. Lei Jun said that as of now, MIUI has covered 221 countries/regions, supports 80 languages, and has more than 0.31 billion monthly users….

Heavy penalty! Jiang Fan was removed from the Ali partner

On the afternoon of April 27, Ali announced the results of the investigation and handling of the Jiang Fan incident today. The investigation was conducted by a special investigation team set up by Alibaba Group’s integrity department. According to the survey, the management of Alibaba Group formed the handling results, and the Ali partner Committee…

Visiting Ruixing Beijing headquarters: Several auditors entered

On April 27, it was reported that Ruixing coffee has been taken over by the public security and industry and commerce on the Internet today. According to the screenshot, Ruixing coffee’s fake source was poached and all the data were handed in. NetEase science and technology field visits Ruixing coffee headquarters found that many auditors…

SMR NAS hard disk was “beaten” by netizens. How big is this pit?

At present, only Seagate, Western Digital and Toshiba are left in the HDD mechanical hard disk market, which is less than rare animals. Recently, there has been a storm-the use of SMR in the Western data NAS red disk has been “beaten” by netizens, causing a lot of controversy. Why does SMR NAS hard disk…

Global new Crown deaths may be much higher than official figures

The Financial Times report, yes An analysis of the number of deaths in 14 countries during the new Crown outbreak shows that the number of deaths caused by the new coronavirus may be nearly 60% higher than the official statistics. Statistics on the number of deaths show that the number of deaths exceeding the normal…