[Figure] Microsoft Announces Acquisition of Orions Systems: expanding Dynamics 365 business capabilities

Microsoft recently announced the acquisition of Orions Systems. Orions is a pioneer in the field of large-scale hybrid intelligent vision systems, focusing on integrating “human-in-the-loop” machine learning in services, which can be adapted to a single device, running deployment of large-scale edge-to-cloud topology. Visit: microsoft China official mall-home in the acquisition of Orions Systems, it…

Google begins testing Google Maps traffic lights among Android users

According to foreign media Neowin, Apple added traffic lights to Apple Maps for the first time in iOS 13 last year, now it seems that Google has begun to test the traffic light function in Google Maps. This new feature means that Google Maps users will be able to see traffic lights when navigating or…

Bats eat more and gain weight in urban noise

With the development of human society and economy, more and more habitats of wild animals are polluted by man-made noise. However, it is not clear to a large extent how environmental noise affects the feeding behavior and health of wild animals. Bats, as the second largest mammalian group, play an important role in nocturnal insect…