Indian telecom minister said he has decided to move Huawei out of the country’s 5G network construction plan

India has decided to move Chinese communications company Huawei out of the country’s 5G network construction plan. The Ministry of Electricity of India also announced new regulations on the same day that the country’s enterprises must obtain government permission before importing power equipment and parts. Russian media quoted sources as saying that Indian telecommunications minister…

Domestic x86-mega-core new official website online products are more transparent

The main frequency goes from 2.0GHz to 3.0GHz, the manufacturing process goes from 40nm to 16nm, and the overall performance goes from usable to useful…… Unconsciously, as a domestic x86 processor, the mega-core has been established for 7 years. In July 7, the official website of Zhaoxin ( ushered in a new revision. The new…

Xiaomi TV has been commercially vilified and has successfully applied for an injunction before the lawsuit

On the evening of July 7, according to ZEALER’s official microblog report, Xiaomi TV was commercially vilified, and Xiaomi entrusted “Kunyuan Hengtai Law Firm” to successfully apply for a pre-litigation injunction. According to an article released by “Kunyuan Hengtai Law Firm”, on June 9, 2020, Tianji released “a real, professional dismantling machine, glory wisdom screen…

New Honda Fit pre-sale price announced: 81,800 from August

As one of Honda’s Soul models, fit has achieved a sales performance of over 2004 vehicles since it first entered China at 1.2 million. The new generation of GAC Honda Fit officially announced the pre-sale, and the new car has launched a total of 2 models, namely, Chao Ran Pro and Chao Yue Max, with…

Huawei HMS Core 5.0 officially launched for global developers: seven capabilities, free

A few days ago, Huawei officially announced that HMS Core 5.0 was officially launched on the official website of Huawei developer alliance for developers around the world. According to reports, HMS Core 5.0 has open capabilities to cover seven areas of Services, including: App Services, Graphics, Media, artificial intelligence (AI), smart Device, Security, and System…