Red flag H9 declaration information exposure equipped with 2.5T engine?

H9 Red Flag recently launched a medium and large car. The new car was jointly built by Chinese designer Ding Yangfeng and former Rolls-Royce design director Giles Taylor. Its aura and appearance are quite online, it was also praised by netizens as “the Chinese version of Rolls-Royce”. A few days ago, we obtained the declaration information of Hongqi H9 from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The appearance design of the new car is exactly the same as the previously exposed information, with a strong sense of elegance and luxury, and a number of optional configurations are also available.

What is different is that the H9 declared this time will be equipped with a 2.5T engine. Before that, Hongqi officials only said that the new car would only launch 2.0T 48V and 3.0T Power models.

Specifically, this CA6GV25TB 2.5T V6 engine independently produced by FAW (it is not clear whether it is turbocharged or supercharged) has a maximum power of 276 horsepower, this is the same as the model with 3.0T supercharged engine that has been disclosed so far, with a maximum power increase of 4 horsepower.

Judging from the exposed declaration chart, we can’t distinguish the specific number of the new car’s tail mark due to the size of the declaration picture, but roughly speaking, the whole car has not changed compared with the red flag H9 that has already arrived at the store.

Up to now, the official has not disclosed the specific information of this red flag 2.5T model, however, there are reports that the car will only be sold in the official car purchasing market in the future, but this information has not yet been officially confirmed.