Sony postponed PS5 game show due to continued protests and riots in the United States

Last weekend, protests began to take place in various parts of the United States and even turned into riots and spread to all parts of the world. Sony began to think that now is not the time to celebrate the release of new products. Last week, Sony announced an online exhibition for players to see PlayStation first.
5 the event of the game was originally scheduled to be held at one o’clock P.M. on June 4/four o’clock P.M. Eastern time, but on Monday, Sony officially postponed the event.


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in a statement on PlayStation’s official Twitter account, the company explained that it would rather “stand behind and let more important voices be heard”. Although the statement did not directly mention the protests that occurred after George Freud’s death in Minnesota, it is obvious that these are the “voices” Sony refers “, at present, the company has not provided a new event date or timetable.

“We have shared the technical specifications and showed you the new DualSense wireless controller. However, what is the press conference without games? “Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan said in a blog post last week about the exhibition. “This is why I am excited to announce that we will soon show the game after PlayStation 5 is released this holiday. The game that is about to land on PS5 represents the industry’s best ideas from innovation studios around the world. Studios, big or small, those newer and more mature studios, are all working hard to develop games that will show PS5 hardware potential. “

just a few hours after EA decided to postpone the release, Sony decided to postpone the display of its “Madden NFL 21, these games will land on PS5 and this holiday season. Xbox Series X. Similarly, Google also chose to postpone its Android 11 Beta release to Wednesday, June 3.