SpaceX manned spacecraft delayed launch Trump on site: See you on Sunday

On May 28, according to foreign media reports, on Wednesday local time, due to the weather, the first manned flight of the US space exploration technology company SpaceX manned Dragon spacecraft was canceled about 17 minutes before the original plan was launched, and is scheduled to try to launch again on Saturday local time (Sunday Beijing time).


U.S. President Donald Trump attended the launch ceremony in Cape Canaveral, Florida, on the same day. He believed it was an important step to revive the U.S. space program and opened a new era. It is of great significance not only to NASA, but also to private entrepreneurs and even to ordinary citizens in the end. Trump has also set an ambitious goal to send American astronauts back to the moon by 2024.

The “commercial astronaut” program is a unique public-private partnership that officially began with the Obama administration, but Trump sees it as an important measure to regain US leadership in space and promote private investment. The former Republican congressman said: “No one is as concerned about this project as Trump. He has already regarded it as part of a key strategy and paid enough attention to it.”

trump congratulated Musk when he visited SpaceX’s facilities on Wednesday and called him “my old friend”. He canceled plans to deliver a speech at the launch site and returned to Washington shortly after the launch was canceled. However, Trump said from a tweet that he would return to the scene again on Saturday to watch the launch.

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