The cost exceeds $1.1 million! US new Crown patients receive huge bills after cure

A 70-year-old new Crown patient in the United States was finally cured after 62 days in the hospital, but when he was discharged from the hospital, he found that his total bill exceeded $1.1 million. Since he has medical insurance, he should not have to pay most of the expenses, but this huge bill still surprised him.


According to The Seattle Times, the 70-year-old Michael Flor stayed in the hospital for a total of 62 days, during which he was seriously ill and once critically ill, the night nurse even held the phone beside him to let his wife and children say goodbye to him.

Fortunately, his condition improved and he was finally discharged. However, recently, he received a bill of 181 pages, totaling 1122501.04 US dollars. Flor said that when he saw the bill, his heart almost stopped beating again.

However, Flor has insurance including federal medical insurance, so he should not have to pay most of the medical expenses out of his own pocket, but he is still surprised by this huge cost.

Flor spent 62 days in the Swedish Medical Center of Issaquah for being infected with the new Crown virus. Most of the time he was in a coma, but his wife remembered that he once woke up and said, “You have to get me out of here, we can’t afford it.”

during his stay in the closed intensive care unit for 42 days, he charged 9736 US dollars per day, with a total cost of 408912 US dollars. He also used a ventilator for 29 days, charging 2835 US dollars per day, totaling 82215 US dollars; about 1/4 of the cost is the cost of drugs.

In addition, for two days, Flor’s heart, kidneys and lungs all failed and was judged to be close to death. The bill for this period was 20 pages and close to $100,000.

Flor said that the total cost of his treatment may be higher because the bill does not include multiple items, including the care he received at the nursing facility and the cost of dialysis and the doctor who treated him.

Flor said: “It took 1 million dollars to save my life. Of course, I would say that the money was well spent, but I also know that I may be the only one who thinks so.”

the US Congress has passed a huge package to ensure that the US economy continues to operate during the Crown disease epidemic. The package includes a $0.1 billion budget to compensate hospitals and private insurance companies that treat Crown patients.