The dark mode is cool, but the light theme of Windows 10 is much more eye-pleasing.

As a developing operating system, Windows 10 has changed somewhat slowly in visual effects. For example, the dark mode that many people have been waiting for for a long time is the beginning of a thousand calls. At the same time, users also hope that Microsoft can bring a more thorough update to the light-colored theme of Windows 10, some of which are close to Apple’s macOS.


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with the dark mode from mobile device fire to PC, developers of almost every popular application have already provided support for the dark mode.


In order to achieve higher consistency of various elements in the system, Microsoft is also right Windows the global dark mode of 10 introduces more consistency in visual style.


For people who often stay up late or get used to working in the dark, the dark mode also provides some practical help in addition to being cool.


However, in the May 2019 update (Version 1903), Microsoft also introduced a new light color theme that many people like for Windows 10.


Now, with the 20H1 update (Version 2004) about to be pushed to the official Version of the user, the light color theme of Windows 10 is also expected to look more eye-catching.


The above Screenshots show the quick setting options based on the new light color theme, and some of them are enabled by default.


Combining transparency and other visual effects (such as emphasizing colors and new icons), the light color theme of Windows 10 Version 2004 has finally brought the long-awaited Modern UI improvement to the majority of users.


Although the dark mode is very suitable for turning off the lights at night, the light-colored theme is obviously more eye-catching when there is a desk lamp next to it.


Microsoft’s new icon recently released for Windows 10 is also an important part of the light color theme update.


As for the “Start” menu, Live Tiles have been disliked by desktop users for a long time, and even most of the time they are meaningless. No matter how Microsoft improves, its features are more suitable for tablet computers or display applications.


Finally, I am delighted to see the latest progress of the Windows 10X development branch, which seems to vividly prove that Microsoft is developing in the right direction.