The Lamborghini announced that it would no longer participate in the traditional auto show “civilians” to the new sports car was

Lamborghini is the world’s top sports car manufacturer from Italy. Its high-powered and high-performance sports car attracts people’s attention with its domineering shape. As long as there is a Lamborghini car at the auto show, it will attract onlookers. Recently, this situation will change. According to Forbes Chinese website, Lamborghini said that it would not participate in major traditional auto shows around the world and would hold activities for customers and VIP.

It is reported that the chief marketing officer of Lamborghini, CATIA Bassi, said that Lamborghini will give up the auto show. They believe that establishing close relationships with customers is the key, and the auto show is no longer in line with their ideas. Lamborghini will hold activities with a small number of participants for customers and VIP, so as to make one-on-one contact between vehicles and people, thus meeting the needs of customers who want to be tailored. This means that if we want to see Lamborghini’s new car in the future, we may need to become Lamborghini’s customer or VIP. If the news is true, the sianda37, which appeared at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2019, will become the last new model released by Lamborghini at the traditional motor show.

Lamborghini was founded by Ferrugio Lamborghini in 1963. It went bankrupt in 1980 due to poor management. It was later owned by Audi in 1998 and now belongs to the brand of Volkswagen Group. Due to its strong performance and high price, Lamborghini sports cars have become one of the symbols of European luxury goods.

It is believed that many running car fans will be attracted by the cool appearance of Lamborghini sports cars. Sometimes they go to the auto show just to have a look at Lamborghini sports cars. The announcement of this news, I am afraid that many sports cars will be lost.