The technical post is over 60%! Alipay open recruitment: there is no upper limit on the salary of Da Niu

“And the big cattle are brothers and sisters, solving world-class technical problems.” “There is no upper limit on salary, and it is the peak of life!” “Collective wedding, luxury group building…… will know when you come!” On the morning of May 8, Alipay’s official microblog posted a recruitment poster to openly recruit technical talents. Seen from the poster, in addition to many technical experts such as painting, it also revealed the current composition of Alipay personnel, which already accounts for more than 63% of Alipay’s technical personnel, that is to say, among Alipay’s five employees, all three are programmers.

Fast technology confirmed from Alipay these 63% technicians are the proportion of research and development personnel, which is the proportion of scientific and technological talents with the highest gold content.

Interestingly, Alibaba has always paid more attention to the investment in basic technology and innovative technology. According to a previous statistics, Alibaba ranked first in the proportion of R & D personnel in world-renowned technology companies, at the same time, Alibaba is also the only company in the list with more than 50% employees, including Google and microsoft all behind it, however, now it seems that Alibaba will also be behind Alipay.

In addition, Alipay also said in the recruitment poster, at present, Alipay has the largest number of patent applications for block chain in the world, and the performance of Alipay’s self-developed database OceanBase has broken the world record.

It is understood that Ant blockchain is currently the main business party of the entire Alibaba economy blockchain. As of April this year, the total number of Alipay blockchain patent applications has reached 2344, continuing to rank first in the world, and more than 2, the sum of 3. In last October, Alipay’s self-developed database OceanBase won the database World Cup with a peak of 60.88 million times per second.


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