There are still 8 states in the United States that have not made clear regulations for wearing masks.

According to foreign media reports, as the United States continues to fight against the new Crown virus pandemic, some states have begun to lift restrictions on public gatherings, services and businesses. Most states still have some guidelines that require citizens to wear protective masks to slow the spread of the disease. However, a few states have not taken such measures, and people there do not need to wear masks.


Data map

although these places may have given advice on wearing masks, they have not made any official regulations. The specific list is as follows:




south Dakota




south Carolina

in fact, it has been proved by the medical and scientific circles that masks do play a role in protecting against the new Crown virus. It can not only protect the wearer of the mask to reduce the chance of being infected with the new Crown virus, but also block the wearer who has been infected with the new Crown virus to spread the virus to the people around. Wearing masks in public places and even at home can help to slow down the spread of the new Crown virus, and can also ensure that medical service institutions will not be overwhelmed and have to face the influx of large waves of patients at the same time.