Tiktok “rule” young Americans

During the epidemic, Tik Tok’s Tik Tok and its international version of App ushered in a new round of download peak, greatly stabilizing its position as the world’s most downloaded mobile application. Sensor, a world-renowned data analysis platform
According to data released by Tower on Wednesday, the total number of downloads of TikTok and TikTok in the global App Store and Google Play exceeded 2 billion, a record high.

From 1.5 billion downloads before to more than 2 billion downloads now, TikTok and TikTok only took 5 months.

Among them, TikTok, the main international market, downloaded 0.315 billion times in the first quarter (below), setting a single-season download record for any App in the world, it also set a new world record of 0.2057 billion times in fourth quarter of 2018, up nearly 60% from the previous month. In February alone, it achieved 0.113 billion downloads.

In response, Craig Apple, Sensor Tower mobile strategist, commented:

the continued rise of TikTok provides an even greater foundation for it not only to succeed in the short term, but also to keep existing and potential competitors out of the door in the long term.


users spend a lot of money

with the sharp increase in downloads, TikTok’s income can no longer be described as a rising tide, which can be said to be submerged in a sea of money: So far, users have spent about 0.4567 billion US dollars on TikTok, five months ago, it was still $0.175 billion.

Among them, although the United States ranks the third largest market with 0.165 billion downloads, it is the most generous overseas user group, contributing 86.5 million US dollars to TikTok, accounting for nearly 1/5 of the total revenue. Of course, it is still the Chinese who spend the most money, reaching 0.331 billion US dollars, accounting for more than 70% of the total revenue of TikTok.

In contrast, although Indians are very active in downloading, up to 0.611 billion times accounting for 1/3 of the total downloads, which is more than three times the number of downloads (0.1966 billion times) in China, which is the second largest, they are not active in spending money, the top three in the income contribution list did not enter.


where is the strength?

For a Chinese application software that was only launched in the international market in 2017, why can TikTok achieve such brilliant results? Many App downloads increased dramatically during the epidemic. Why can TikTok dwarf other applications?

TikTok was originally born out of TikTok, and both software are famous for the short video of the virus produced by the user. The biggest selling point of them is to kill the boring time, to find happiness and video shopping. The more leisure time users have, the more boring users are, and the more users are willing to share, the more opportunities there are for these two apps.

In the past few months, the global epidemic has hit the revenue of countless enterprises and knocked down a large number of companies, but for TikTok and TikTok, it is a blessing in disguise: more than 100 people in more than 3.3 billion countries around the world stay at home, and the demand for entertainment and online shopping has soared, providing them with a huge group of potential users. Such an excellent opportunity can be called favorable time, geographical location, people and.

Forced to be grounded will disrupt people’s life rules, making many people feel bored and even depressed. The overwhelming death and other negative news will aggravate the negative atmosphere, many people need to find something relaxed and pleasant to achieve inner balance. TikTok is exactly one of the best choices.


great success in the United States

in the US market, TikTok did not enter for a long time and was officially unveiled on 2018. Byte beat acquired the US application software Musical.ly in 2017. A year later, it closed the company and merged it into TikTok.

Many companies and start-ups in the United States have tried to compete with TikTok many times, but none of them can achieve its popularity, and TikTok is still expanding.

In the first quarter of this year, TikTok’s downloads were 0.25 billion higher than WhatsApp, the world’s second most popular application (nearly 26% downloads). During the same period, Facebook downloaded 0.1861 billion times and Instagram downloaded 0.1518 billion times.

Teenagers and young Americans in their twenties like TikTok best.

According to the survey data of the United States, Tiktok not only has a surprising growth rate of users for young Americans, but also has a daily growth rate of 50% in the past six months. What is even more surprising is the browsing time of users, users over the age of 18 have a cumulative browsing duration of 858 minutes per month, which means that a single user watches more than 13 hours per month……

Its 15-second short video is very popular with these young American users. It can also be matched with pop music, can be beautiful, and has various funny functions to change the character image in the video. TikTok also has a live broadcast function. Viewers can immediately post comments on the video. These endless comments make many people enjoy it with relish and enjoy it.

In general, TikTok is an anti-traditional software characterized by entertainment, fun and super interactivity.

Its mode of creation is also unusual. Users who want to publish content will be immediately recruited into the group challenge and topic tags, or get some pop songs as material. The threshold for sending short videos is very low and the risk is also very low. A large number of viewers seem to be within reach. Even if you are only there, you may get very high attention and praise.

In this epidemic, many people made TikTok short videos, some of which inspired a large number of video forwarding, greatly boosting software downloads.

For example, in a crowded bathroom, five people huddled in a bathtub full of stains to sing. A family of four performed a dance in a garden in the suburbs.

There are also some videos directly related to the epidemic. For example, a person’s father is dying. Someone was dancing in an empty ward. There is also the following picture, a group of nurses are dancing:

for teenagers who are bored at home, TikTok has replaced the functions of public social spaces such as classrooms and sports venues to meet their needs of seeking new things and differences. For adults, TikTok replaces bars, coffee traditional social places such as the hall have become one of the good tools to dispel boredom.

For other unemployed people, becoming a Douyin Redskins has become a profession. Akafi Ali, 24, said: “I want to be a content creator and make people laugh.” He quit his job as a cashier to pursue his TikTok dream. He taunted as much as he could in the video: “Everyone goes to the supermarket to grab toilet paper! Are you serious? If there is no paper, wash it with water!”

Akafi Ali also said that if you upload a video, it is possible to get 100,000 views in the first hour. This huge number of clicks completely meets the psychological needs of young people who are eager to get attention.

Some nurses, teachers and medical professionals have also started to use TikTok to inform the public about the adoption of appropriate safety measures. Others show cooking, flower art, makeup, games, music, movies, tutorial wait, the content is all-encompassing.

On Thursday, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot put on his dancing shoes that morning and announced the city’s first virtual city-wide high school graduation ceremony hosted by famous talk show host Oprah Winfrey. The city’s 25000 senior high school students and thousands of students in private schools missed the opportunity to participate in activities such as prom and graduation ceremony due to the epidemic.