[Video] can mosquitoes spread the new Crown virus? US infectious disease director sends video explanation

As we gradually enter the hot summer, it raises a question worth considering. Can mosquitoes spread one person’s new crown virus to another? Elizabeth, director of the Center for Infectious Disease dynamics and Professor of Pennsylvania State University
McGraw) explained the possibility of COVID-19 being carried by mosquitoes in a newly uploaded video.


In this short video, McGraw made it clear that scientists do not want the new Crown virus to spread among people through mosquito bites. Both the CDC and WHO say that the virus does not appear to be at risk of being carried by mosquitoes, and they have good reason to believe it is true.

McGraw explained: “We know that this is a respiratory tract infection. It is indeed the most common route of transmission is droplets discharged through the respiratory tract. During the SARS and MARS epidemics, mosquitoes also did not seem to be involved in the transmission of those closely related coronavirus.”

mosquitoes are known to transmit many deadly diseases, including malaria. In areas where these diseases are rampant, they can cause serious damage, and the medical system is unable to handle a large number of cases. However, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is mainly an airborne disease, and scientists do not believe it can be carried from one person to another by mosquitoes.