Windows security application or block installation of Windows 10 2004

Microsoft has confirmed that there is a bug in the Windows Security Security application, or the PC cannot complete the installation of the Windows 10 2020 May update (Version 2004). Without modifying the memory integrity settings of Windows Security in the software, this compatibility problem cannot be eliminated by itself. If you do not want to give up the memory integrity function, you can also try to obtain a new display driver from the manufacturer to unblock the upgrade of Windows 10 2004.


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if temporary shutdown is required Windows for the memory integrity check function of Security, see the following operations:

● Go to Windows 10 settings;

● Move to update and security;

● Transfer to Windows security;

● Click on device security;

● Select core isolation details;

● switch memory integrity settings;

● restart the computer.

You can then manually check for Windows 10 2004 updates in Windows Update or get them with the Update Assistant.


If you still do not see the update, please ensure that the device has updated the Intel/NVIDIA GPU display driver or the Bluetooth device driver of the relevant manufacturer.

Microsoft has previously warned that if you choose to ignore security issues and use the media creation assistant (or other programs) to manually force the update of Windows 10 2004, it may lead to a series of unknown consequences.

The software giant may launch a permanent repair patch in the future, but it seems that it is still safe. In March this year, the company also acknowledged another vulnerability related to memory integrity, which could cause serious problems including system failures.