Wonderful Game “drink a glass of water if you sell one” off the shelf V Club: poor interaction

We have reported before that a wonderful game called “Each Sale I Drink a Glass of Water” was put on the Steam mall page, it was originally scheduled for sale on May 1. However, at present, this work has been removed from the shelves on Steam, and the reason given by V is that the game is not interactive enough.

The content of the game “drink a glass of water if you sell one” is just like the title. The producer will count the sales volume of the game every Friday and drink a glass of water if you sell one, and update the video of drinking water added this week in the game.

Some netizens questioned the gameplay of “drink a glass of water if you sell one”. Developers said they wanted to launch a different interactive experiment. If they did not accept this core idea, they could turn left and leave, however, there is no further explanation on whether this game is a game “.

However, in April 24, the sale of “drink a glass of water if you sell one” and the old works of its studio were stopped without warning. Until April 26, Alain Lagacé, the main producer, explained on his personal Twitter that the V agency believed that “drink a glass of water as soon as you sell” was not interactive enough. The old work cannot be sold because of system problems and has now returned to normal.

Alain Lagacé also thinks that the audit standard of Steam is too vague, and there is no difference between “sell a copy and drink a glass of water” and the live-action interactive movie game they launched in the past, why do all the old works remain, but “drink a glass of water if you sell one” is not enough?

Maybe Steam decided to take off the shelf “drink a glass of water if you sell one” to avoid doubts such as excessive proliferation of works with low gameplay or self-harm by developers (water poisoning), however, no matter who can be regarded as a “game”, there is no clear answer.