Xiaomi: MIUI user monthly live up to 0.31 billion MIU12 system opens internal test today

On the afternoon of April 27, Xiaomi launched Xiaomi 10 youth edition mobile phone and MIU12 system online. At the meeting, Xiaomi founder Lei Jun announced that MIUI system currently has 0.31 billion people per month. On August 16, 2010, Xiaomi took the lead in releasing MIUI system before releasing its first mobile phone. Lei Jun recalled that Xiaomi found 100 “unafraid users” to test the system. Today, MIUI system has covered 221 countries and supports more than 80 languages.



according to reports, MIUI12 system adopts visual design, carries out a large number of animation updates, optimizes the system’s dynamic effect, and makes more settings in terms of privacy.

Specifically, MIUI12 can be more suitable mobile phone with the rounded corners of the screen, the new physical engine and the animation of desktop icons, Xiaomi said that all these details together constitute an “elegant, smooth and breakable” physical space movement.

In addition, MIUI12 brings more exquisite dynamic effects. For example, when the user exits the reading application from the right side, the icon will have a dynamic effect of turning the book to the right; When the application is deleted, there is also a smashing water fluctuation effect. It can be said that this time Xiaomi has made more exquisite animation effects on MIUI system.

The weather application has also been redesigned on MIUI12 to show the current weather with dynamic clouds and rain. The visual design of synesthesia is simply to display information and data with intuitive graphics.

In terms of privacy, in the MIUI12 system, all behaviors of the application will be recorded, including the use of cameras, microphones, and positioning. When the system queries the application behavior, MIUI12 will prohibit all high-risk behaviors. In addition, the new system adds the permission option of “only allowed in use” to allow applications to use permissions such as location only in operation.

At the same time, in order to protect the user’s privacy, MIUI12 provides a virtual identity ID in the system, so that the application of wisdom to obtain the virtual ID, rather than the user’s real identity.

Xiaomi said that the inside of the MIUI12 system development version is open today, users can apply on the MIUI WeChat public number, and the stable version system will be upgraded by the end of June.