ZTE: 7nm chips have been mass-produced and imported into 5nm

As the two giants of China’s communications industry, ZTE and Huawei have been sanctioned and banned by the United States, especially in the advanced manufacturing technology. Everyone is familiar with Huawei’s progress. How about ZTE? Today, investors asked ZTE questions, hoping to understand the progress of 5nm process chips. ZTE revealed that the company has the ability to design and develop chips. 7nm chips have been mass produced on a large scale and have been commercialized in the global 5G scale deployment, while 5nm chips are being introduced into technology.

Xie Junshi, executive vice president and chief operating officer of ZTE, said earlier that in the past three years, ZTE spends 12.1 billion yuan on research and development every year, but it has not quickly turned into profit. ZTE needs to transform its technology leadership into market leadership faster, thus improving its profit level, and is already making corresponding adjustments.

He also pointed out that among the important chip supplies, ZTE covers the whole process of chip research and development and design capabilities. The earliest architecture design, simulation, front-end design, back-end physical implementation, seal test design, package test and future failure analysis of corresponding chips can be developed and designed throughout the life cycle. This is the absolute leading position in the industry.